Happy International Women’s Day!

Or is it?

What I mean is yes it’s IWD and yes women have made great advances in the movement for women’s rights. As a Kiwi I’m SO proud of the fact it was our forebears who fought so hard for the right for women to vote and were the first in the world to get that right. Today there are so many remarkable women cutting a track through sports, business and the arts and then there’s all the supermums juggling work and family life every day, all of whom are to be celebrated.

But at the same time, it saddens me to know we still have so many women who live in fear of abusive partners.

Over summer I donated my time to revamp the Tauranga Women’s Refuge website.

Through my years of design, I’ve been privileged to work with some inspiring people who are passionate about preventing violence in families and communities.

I’ve worked on domestic violence campaigns such as Blow the Whistle on Violence which ran when the Rugby World Cup was hosted in NZ, and the Family Violence – It’s your Business workplace toolkit for employers. In the course of designing, I learned the awful truth about our country’s statistics around domestic violence and the impact of violence on women and children.

While discussing the new website with Refuge manager Hazel Hape, I asked what would be one of the main messages to give to someone who is in an abusive relationship? She said that there is HOPE for every woman.

So, today is IWD, and I’d like to shine a light on all the brave women who have sought help to live free from violence and to the ones who haven’t yet found that path, I sincerely hope that one day you do, because you deserve an amazing life.

I’d also like to say thanks to all the wonderful women who support women in need.

Kia kaha


 HELPLINE – 0800 REFUGE or 0800 86 733 843


Did you know?

Tauranga Women’s Refuge receives approximately 38 percent of its funding from Ministries of Social Development and Justice and approximately 62 percent from the generosity and goodwill of philanthropic, fundraising, sponsorship, funding support from local service clubs, gaming trusts, local government, businesses and fundraising groups.

They’re a registered charitable trust which means you could be eligble to claim a tax credit if you make a donation